Volunteer needs

Do you love to worship? Are you interested in growing in prayer?  Would you like to spend more time pursing the presence of God?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then we would like to encourage you to come and meet with us at the Florida Keys House of Prayer. 

We can train you to lead a prayer session as a prayer leader – We are looking for prayer leaders to work with our or their own 2-3 person worship team once a month. At Spirit and Truth Ministries, we meet every Monday evening from 7 – 9 pm.  Our prayer leader will choose a theme for our prayer night which we the communicate to the rest of those who may come, so that we can direct our prayers to a certain topic or direction all together.  The prayer leader will also lead the initial prayers before asking for others to pray.

If you are a vocalist or if you like to play the keyboard or guitar, bass, drums, or even a wind or brass instrument – we welcome you to come and join us.  We are not big on a lot of practices so this is not huge commitment of time! It is however, a commitment of your heart, to want to worship, not just play music or be on a stage.   If you’d be interested in playing music with another or if you have a team, and want to grow in your prophetic musical skills, then we welcome you to join us at House of Prayer.  For information on this, contact Soraya Carrasco at 727 815-5060 or Greg Ogle at 305 432-1293.  You may also email us at floridakeyshop@yahoo.com

We are seeking to network with other churches to support their prayer needs.

Do you want to initiate regular times of prayer and worship but need some help getting it started?  Please contact us to see how we might work together as prayer partners and we will assist you in establishing your own prayer hours at your church, your home or your business!

Do you already have a group that meets to pray regularly? We would love to know that there are  prayer gatherings taking place in the Keys at during different times and at different locations, yet unified by one common goal….to see Jesus exalted and known in this region as Lord. Let us know when and where you meet and we will add it to our prayer calendar.

Please consider contacting us to find out more about these needs.



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