Hearts Burning

Didn’t our hearts burn when He spoke to us?  Luke 24: 32  My desire is to have those encounters with the Lord when my heart burns as the scriptures are opened to me.  The 2 guys on the road to Emmaus as they walked to Jerusalem met up with the risen Jesus Christ and as he talked with them their hearts burned and were greatly moved.

One of the most important parts of prayer is that you heart becomes ready to receive the Word. The promise is that when we hear, we change.   I have been in and even been part of numerous church services where the word just came and bounced off, not really effectively penetrating my self sufficient shell.  Then I have come after praying, worshipping the Lord and my heart has burned and has received revelation that was personal and lasting.

God created us to have relationship with Him.  Let us prepare for the New Year by deciding to come ready.  Ready to change, to press into all that God wants to say to us. If we come ready we can hear from God and we will know how to pray.   IMG_4498


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