Why A House of Prayer?

Every ministry has a specific purpose, a revelation from the Lord that is not the best or the only revelation in the Kingdom of God, but it is what a particular ministry is to be faithful to.  The ministry of our House of Prayer in the Florida Keys is to establish a place of prayer and worship in a singular or in multiple places to give a place of encounter with the Holy Spirit and with the love of Jesus Christ. We are not the church, but we are to support the church in playing a part to awaken and to encourage the body of Christ during these days.

How can this be done?

  1.  Glorify Jesus – When we come into the prayer house, we come into a place to minister to God as we offer him the praise that He is worthy of.  Mary of Bethany was sharply criticized for wasting her money by pouring out the alabaster flask of costly perfume of Jesus’ body, but Jesus said to leave her alone because she did a good work for Him.
  2. Spiritual warfare – when prayer and worship goes out of a community, the spiritual atmosphere of a region is changed.  In 2 Chronicles 20:21, Jehosophat appointed singers to praise God before he sent the army.  How much more important is it today to have prayer precede the efforts of our body of believers?
  3. Personal transformation – The place of prayer and worship is a place where we can come close to the spirit of God in a busy world, to be transformed.  We are most changed when we are fascinated with God.  Paul is a prime example of someone fascinated with God….in Acts 17: 26-34, a passage he boldly preaches is that in God, “we live and move and have our being.”
  4. Training in the Word – Prayers and worship in the HOP is primarily the Word of God.  We are learning the Word by speaking it – the bible tells us that it is in the power of the tongue that is life and death – and that we believe, therefore we speak – We must train ourselves to speak the word.
  5. Healing and Deliverance – A place that God’s power heals the sick, that He comforts the mourning, that He delivers from bondage those caught in a snare.  For you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
  6. Unity – A place where hearts are unified to Jesus and to each other.  Paul taught us that only together with all the saints can we experience the fullness of God’s love.  “May be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height-to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.  (Ephesians 3: 18-19) And in Psalms 133 – How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.   Like the ointment poured on the head, running down and like the dew of Mount Hermon – all replicating the holy spirit and its benefits poured out when we are in unity.
  7. Direction – The time in the House of Prayer is a time when we can receive marching orders from God – fresh directives and revelation.

Thank-you to IHOP Miami for taking their time to share these principles.


4 thoughts on “Why A House of Prayer?

  1. Valli Leone

    Right on! In Jesus’ mighty name, we press on. Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift! Holy Spirit fire and fusion forever! Alleluia! ➕❤️⚓️


    1. Bless you Pastor White. We are so fortunate to have you here in the Florida Keys. We are in agreement and stand unified in this battle. Please keep in touch and hope you can come to our next evening of prayer and worship, November 21 at 7 pm at Spirit & Truth!


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